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It is our common observation that patients with long standing probelms of mind and body like, Spondlytis, Backache, Headache, Nervourness, Depression , Tension and addictions of various Kinds - Shuttle from one specialist to another without much benefits. Over enthusiastic treatment with modern medicines may lead to side effects or complications worse than the original probelms.

then what is the solution? acupuncture!

yes..........Acupuncture is an answer to this. After the W.H.O's recognisation of this holistic medical approach of Acupunture the outlook has been totally positive all over the world and has become complimentary alternative medical appraoch to many of the physical and psychological probelms for which modern medicine has no satisfactory solutions.

what is the acceptance ?

many of the corporations in the UK, U.S.A., Europe and Australia have witnessed a remarkable reduction in their Medical Budget after utilizing services of Acupuncture for their health care system thus avoiding costly drugs and time consuming procedures. Highly qualified western medical practioners have realised their limitations in the treatment of chronic physical and psycologically painful conditions. And they themselves recommend the treatment with Non conventional medicine like Acupuncture which otherwise they wouldn't have dreamt of suggesting as a part of the therapy. Thanks to the open minded collegues of ours who have not kept any reservations for non Allopathic Medical Sciences.

but what about the side effects and cost?

good thought ...

acupuncture is a Safe Simple, Effective and Economical mode of Treatment successfully tried even in Pediatric conditions like noctornul enuresis to Geriatric disorder like Endogenous depression; on millions of patients all over the world without any side effects. Because of the use of Acupuncture, company saves a lot of money. This mode of treatment not only saves money directly but also saves loss of human hours due to absentism & thus more National growth indirectly. It is estimated that millions of Rupees (Approx. 500 Million) worth of pain killers & tranquilisers are used by Indian population every year. With the use of Acupuncture, which itself is a powerful pain reliever & stress manager, the contribution to the National savings would be tremendous.