As per the current situation and to be more safer, Dr. Jagdish Shah also provides COVID Guidance and Medical Help through Video Conference..
[Download "Docon App" from Google Play Store for video consultation with Dr. Jagdish Shah. Patients from USA, UK, UAE, Australia can use Indian number of relatives or friends for booking appointments.]

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Treats Pain
Long Life
and Back Pain
Change Your Life WITH US Benefits
it is our common observation that patients with long standing probelms of mind and body like, Spondlytis, Backache, Headache, Nervourness, Depression , Tension and addictions of various Kinds - Shuttle from one specialist to another without much benefits. Over enthusiastic treatment with modern medicines may lead to side effects or complications worse than the original probelms.
Improved Health and Quality of Life
Stress Reduction
Pain Reduction
Faster Recovery from Injury, Illness and Surgery
Emotional Balance
Respiratory Health